The man on the bus starts telling you about his fantasy dream girl. “She looks a lot like you,” he says.  He’s even given her a name, he mentions casually.  The name is yours.

I am thinking to myself as the stranger (or is he?) passionately tells me all the details, “could this be the man everyone talks about?  The man of my dreams?”

The conversation in my head continues as I listen.  There is something so familiar about him and the details resemble the stories my girlfriend shares with me.

Could it be the “man of my dreams” before the accident? But, why wouldn’t he know?  The feelings of “knowing” him grow stronger and stronger.  I begin asking detailed questions.

He says, “you see, I was in a terrible accident several years ago. It left me without any memory.  As the story goes, I was a thrown from the car and rolled about one hundred feet down a steep hill.  From the medical records, I was found wondering the road side. It was estimated that my injuries were about 5 to 6 days old. When I woke up several weeks later I was in a hospital.  My life remains a mystery.”

Just as I was starting to put 2-and-2 together, the stranger said, “oh my, I lost track of time, this is my stop. it was lovely meeting and talking with you. Have a beautiful day.” And he walked off the bus.

Okay – GO – it is your turn.  Write 200 or less words from where I left off.



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