Resolution – the word of the day.

As I set here, fingers on the keyboard, staring out the window, listening to the soft music, and mulling this word around… I realize I am seeking resolution – yet avoiding it at the same time.  But, why?

It is because of my “definition” of the word – or rather my belief about this word.  Resolution to a situation means “ending” and ending means – over, done, finished, never again.

There in lies the problem… a belief that is directly related to fear. Fear based on my experience of endings.

So my mental equation looks something like this:




I want the “peace” that comes with resolution. The feeling that comes over you when you let it be and no longer hold on.  When you no longer feel the pain of the past and the stress of the future… living life in the present moment. Living now with all life has to offer.







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