Tattoos On The Heart

3 DEVICE RATING – paper/ink + kindle + ipod

Before this book, Tattoos On The Heart – became a 3 device rated book, it sat on the bookshelf for more than a year.

The title and subtitle were irresistible. Somehow relatable, yet not completely identifiable.  Until about a month ago.

No desire to wear a tattoo on any part of my body, yet I can totally relate to the feeling of tattoos on my heart.

And who doesn’t want to experience the “power of boundless compassion?” Which for me translates into being compassion – at the crossroads of giving and receiving.

As Anne Lamott says, “an astonishing book… about suffering and dignity, death and resurrection, one of my favorite books in years. It is lovely and tough and tender beyond my ability to describe and left me in tears of both sorrow and laughter.”

Not only is this one of my favorite books [well, until I read Barking to the Choir] in years, it has inspired me to “see beyond the confines of the things that limit my view.”

I would highly recommend this book… for your nightstand or kindle or iPod.  I really recommend the iPod – Father G narrates the book. What a treat!  It’s as if we were sitting around the campfire telling stories.

But, don’t take my word for it – read the reviews on Good Reads, Amazon, and

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up this book, read it, and let’s start a conversation.  I would love to hear from you – your thoughts and feelings about this book. Or, the experience of reading this book.

As I re-read this book – okay, I have already read it cover to cover several times – I am continually stretched to see beyond my limited view.  Thank you, Gregory Boyle, for sharing your stories, your life, and your heart.

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